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What is zoning and why is it important?

If you are deciding on where to locate your business, or are considering expanding your business, it is important to understand what zoning laws are and how they make impact your decision. Local zoning laws may impact the purchase of a property for business or improvements a business owner wishes to make on an existing business structure.

How could my project be affected by Philadelphia's zoning laws?

Transactions and business projects involving commercial real estate can be complex because of the many different factors and players involved. In many cases, a successful transaction involves not just negotiating an agreeable deal between a buyer and a seller, but also ensuring that the project-as envisioned by the prospective owner-can go forward as planned. Whether someone is looking to buy an existing property or build a new property, it is critical to look at the zoning laws and what they will allow.

How can you challenge zoning to maintain current land usage?

Landowners in Pennsylvania may or may not be aware that the pieces of land that they live on and own are zoned for a particular use. After reading this statement, some may be asking, "What does zoning mean?" Zoning laws are passed by the government and regulate the use of the land while facilitating urban planning.

Pennsylvania conditional use permit application meets resistance

When a developer in Pennsylvania wants to build a condominium or other type of multiple housing unit, it is important when they pick a location that is properly zoned for that type of building. If it is not, they may be able to get around it by applying for conditional use permits. Although this may seem like a straightforward and easy process, that is not always the case.

Rezoning land to open space results in sale, citizens concerned

Zoning laws are an important part of city and county development. They exist to ensure that only certain types of structures can be built in designated areas. When officials make the decision to change the purpose of a particular area, it is sometimes met with resistance. Recently, a protest in a Pennsylvania town was caused by the county's plan for rezoning several areas as open space, but citizens are concerned about what will be done with the land in one place in particular.

Billboard zoning restrictions challenged

A developer in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is challenging the municipality's billboard zoning laws, responding to a recently announced move by a competitor to construct some billboards in a number of locations in town. At issue are digital billboards. Usually zoning boards control such issues and grant exceptions and variances from a city's written zoning rules. In the current controversy, hearings are being held by the city's zoning board, and the mayor is expected to testify at some point in September.

Zoning battle over proposed Haverford mental health center

Residents of Haverford, Pennsylvania turned out in large numbers at a recent planning commission meeting, expressing opposition to a request for a conditional use permit for a mental health care facility. Under applicable zoning laws, the property could be approved for such a facility as a conditional use, but approval is required.

Zoning dispute over residential development

An ongoing controversy is taking place over a proposed residential development at 1901 Lombard Street in Philadelphia. The developers, who wish to build ten townhomes at that location, are seeking variances from existing zoning laws to gain approval of their plans. The variances sought relate to both lot coverage and height, and also involve approval of the subdivision of the existing lot into ten smaller separate lots, one for each proposed home.

Old zoning ruling at issue in plan for restaurant building

The current owners of Philadelphia's Wynnewood Shopping Center want to add a new restaurant building in the parking lot located at the back of the property. Some zoning laws and conditions of approval applicable to the property adopted some 60 years ago in 1953, however, may present an obstacle to that proposal.

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